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Hire an AdWords consultant to help you choose the ideal ad management channel to increase conversion rates and realize the full potential of your business.

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When it comes to efficient marketing, native advertisements are a popular choice among consumers and our personal favorite.

Advertisement Remarketing

Who better to serve your ads to than those who already have faith in your company and its offerings? Employ Google AdWords specialists to make sure your retargeting has a personalized touch.

Management of Video Ads

Using YouTube's video ads, businesses of any size can improve their sales and global recognition.

PPC Audits

Did you just lose your ranking due to a Google penalty, or are you trying to find ways to make your ads perform better? Engage the best PPC consultants for AdWords that are available.

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Every business is different, and selecting the right social media platforms is part of that. We can help you with YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

Any successful digital marketing plan must include pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. You can target customers who are looking for similar goods or services by using PPC advertisements. However, running PPC campaigns calls for a unique set of abilities and a wealth of experience. For this reason, the majority of companies delegate their PPC advertising to PPC specialists. Your marketing success may be impacted by selecting the appropriate PPC expert or agency. It’s not always easy to find and screen suitable candidates, though. This post explains how to choose excellent PPC advisors for your company.

What Do Experts in PPC Do?

From the beginning to the end, PPC specialists and consultants oversee every facet of pay-per-click advertising campaigns. Their primary responsibilities are:
  1. Keyword Research:The PPC campaign’s whole structure is built upon the results of this process. PPC experts create a strong keyword list for the client using resources and knowledge. For every keyword, they examine the monthly search volume, competition, suggested bids, and other factors. The final keyword list strikes a balance between more targeted phrases and high-funnel broad match terms.
  2. Setting Up a Campaign:PPC specialists create new campaigns, ad groups, and ads on websites like Google Ads after completing keyword research. A proficient Google AdWords specialist can effectively oversee various campaign kinds. PPC experts organize campaigns according to goods, services, intended audience, or other criteria. Each ad group has a single themed keyword to maintain focus. Successful continuous optimization depends on this degree of organization.
  3. Bid Management:Budgets and starting bids for every keyword and ad group must be determined by the PPC specialist. PPC experts set bids by applying their knowledge of auctions. The bids take into account cost per click, traffic volume, and ad rank. Real-time bid adjustments are made based on daily performance and the intended results. More sophisticated smart bidding techniques may be used as an account gets older.
  4. Copywriting for advertisements:Creating clicks and traffic requires well-written display ads, descriptions, and ad titles. PPC experts employ copywriting strategies that appeal to the target audience’s emotions. To increase click-through rates, they compare various ad copy versions to the control group.
  5. Landing Page Optimization: PPC specialists make sure landing pages correspond with the tone and purpose of related advertisements. Landing pages that optimize calls to action, have clear value, and are easy to navigate will increase conversion rates.
  6. Reporting and Interpretation:Performance understanding is the key to optimization. PPC experts examine important PPC metrics in order to identify opportunities and determine the true return. Impressions per sale, click through rate, conversion rate, ROI, and other metrics are important.
  7. Budgeting:The key to success is effectively managing daily and monthly spending across campaigns. PPC experts adjust budgets in accordance with CPA targets, conversion volume, and seasons. They also modify the goals of campaigns. The distribution of spending throughout the month is guaranteed by budget pacing.
  8. Organization of Accounts:Ad groups, keywords, and campaigns that are arranged well make accounts easy to use and optimize. PPC specialists audit the structure of accounts, shrink oversized ad groups, and apply new labels as needed.
  9. Split Testing: To improve campaign performance, the best PPC advisors test and optimize. They test a variety of factors, including ad copy, landing pages, bids, targeting, placements, and more, using A/B and multivariate testing techniques. To determine the real impact, it is important to test just one variable.
Leading PPC experts provide strategic guidance in addition to their core responsibilities by utilizing their experience managing successful PPC accounts across a variety of industries. They are aware of the client’s particular industry, offerings, and target market. This enables them to provide insightful recommendations and astute optimizations regarding the platforms, landing pages, bids, campaign structure, and other aspects. The top PPC specialists work as an extension of the marketing team for their clients. They give the client an update on significant modifications, tests, performance trends, and suggested courses of action. They want to maximize PPC ad return on investment and gather data to guide future marketing initiatives. This provides PPC campaigns with exceptional returns by generating high-quality traffic and conversions.

Why Should You Employ a PPC Specialist?

Below are some of the main justifications for why companies employ PPC experts: It Gives You More Time For a small account, managing PPC campaigns takes at least two to five hours a week. More time is required for reporting and optimization as your account gets larger. The majority of business owners are pressed for time. By leaving the campaigns to the professionals, you can concentrate on managing your business to the best of your ability by outsourcing to a PPC expert. You Acquire Entry to Skillful Methods Competent PPC advisors remain current on the newest PPC tactics, trends, and platform enhancements. They can inform you about more complex strategies that a novice needs to know. This gives your PPC advertising a major competitive advantage. Your Acquisition Cost Reduces For every dollar you spend, a PPC specialist with experience can increase conversions. The return on investment (ROI) of your PPC campaigns can be raised by optimizing targeting, bids, ads, and landing pages. It Allows for Quicker Optimization and Testing The majority of experts can test and optimize more quickly than in-house marketers juggling multiple priorities because PPC is their full-time job. Better performance and higher productivity follow from this. You Get Improved Analytics & Tracking Advanced PPC analytics tools are available to the majority of independent PPC consultants and agencies. These offer more insightful campaign data than native analytics found in systems such as Google Ads. Your Chance Of Violating Policies Drops PPC specialists have a great deal of platform experience and are familiar with all PPC advertising policies. They are thus aware of how to avoid infractions that might result in the suspension of your account. If you’re new to PPC, those risks are much greater.

7 Questions to Assess the Knowledge of Your PPC Expert

Not every PPC consultant is made equally. Make sure a PPC expert has the necessary credentials before hiring them. During an interview, you can test a candidate’s practical PPC knowledge by asking them these seven questions: In Google Ads, how are campaigns and ad groups organized? Pay attention to how they organize campaigns around your goods, services, and target markets. Ad groups with a single keyword should be modeled after best practices in their structure. Which metrics do you use to assess the health of PPC campaigns? At the very least, they ought to monitor budget burn, ROI, click-through rate, conversion rate, impression share, quality score, and cost per conversion. If a campaign had a high impression share but a low click-through rate, how would you optimize it? They ought to talk about split testing ad copy, adding negative keywords, modifying bids, examining search query reports, assessing landing page relevancy, and looking for low-quality scores. Which strategies would you implement to reduce our acquisition costs? Boost your targeting efficiency Adjust your bids. Raise the ratings for quality. A/B testing of the copy in the advertisement Create more relevant landing pages. Find more qualified, less expensive traffic How often would you update us on our PPC campaigns and make improvements? They will report, review, and make minor adjustments each week based on the analysis of monthly performance. Which advanced features of Google AdWords would you employ for us? Among the appropriate options are: screenplays Trials and Investigations particular target markets responsive search ads Customer duos similar audiences automated offers plus extra How would you track and evaluate a pay-per-click campaign’s outcomes? They should discuss the following topics: Accurate conversion tracking and labeling Using platforms for analytics KPI communication Documenting insights Optimization recommendations Consider these concepts when evaluating consultants instead of PPC theory to determine who has real-world experience producing outcomes. To substantiate any claims of expertise, request campaign reporting samples and prior client success stories.


Finding the right PPC specialist takes time, but it will pay off handsomely in the long run for your company. Your campaigns can be optimized by a skilled PPC specialist to boost clicks, conversions, and income. To make the most of your advertising budget, they keep up with the most recent PPC trends and techniques. A higher return on investment results from the hiring and screening process, which pays off massively. You can outperform rivals in your industry if your campaigns are managed by a qualified PPC specialist. More work is required up front for this thorough screening process. However, it makes sure you locate the best PPC specialist to maximize the return on investment from your advertising. Hiring procedures can be made simpler by collaborating with websites like Phanom Professionals. Our pre-screened PPC experts have already successfully completed demanding technical tests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hire Phanom Professionals’ Google Ads Expert to discover a more effective way to run your business. Our tech specialists handle the grunt work, relieving you of the tiresome hiring procedure and even post-hiring obligations.
Yes, by earning leading industry certifications and consistently improving their skills, our knowledgeable AdWords PPC consultants show off their knowledge.
The planning, designing, implementing, and evaluating of pay-per-click advertising campaigns falls within the purview of a PPC specialist.
Before being hired by Phanom Professionals, each applicant must pass a battery of tests, including the Communication Test, Aptitude Test, Technical MCQ Test, Live Coding Test, and a final Technical Interview round.
It’s now simple to identify the top Google AdWords Experts because Phanom Professionals make up the top 3.5% of marketing professionals. You can hire and manage top talent remotely with the support of our team of talent success coaches.
A profitable advertising campaign lowers your cost per click and maximizes your ad rank (more views). Your cost-per-click will decrease as your campaign’s results improve, and your ad rank will rise rapidly as your Quality Score rises.
It’s equally crucial to control expectations before launching an SEO or PPC campaign. Understanding the client’s business is the first step, which is followed by the site’s flow and the competitive environment. Choosing the objectives that will help define the parameters for a PPC campaign is the next stage. Additionally, taking into account a variety of dependent variables will assist you in setting reasonable expectations.

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