Inventive. Resilient. Flexible.

Global tech companies see India as their top pick.

Why Employers Select Indian Workers

To meet specific skill requirements as well as for having the cost effective solutions with the favourable exchange rates, the Indian workers complete the task diligently and on time without dragging it more.

Superpowerful Talent

Quality Talent

Cost Advantage

India is home to many gifted people who are already changing the world.

Indians currently manage a number of the largest corporations in the world.
Sundar Pichai


Sandeep Mathrani


Satya Nadella


Arvind Krishna


Yamini Rangan


Devika Bulchandani


Shantanu Narayan


Leena Nair


Raj Subramaniam


Anjali Sud


Why are Indians the preferred workforce of global technology companies?

Dedicated Indians put forth greater effort and commitment at work than do their international counterparts.

Indians are passionate and ambitious people. They are more likely to stay with a company longer than others because they develop an emotional attachment to the business, its employees, and its location.


From achieving high academic standing to passing demanding tests, Indians are instilled with the values of diligence and determination from an early age.

Provide value

Indians believe in adding value to everything they do and give it their all.


Indians are motivated by a strong desire to achieve success and lead fulfilling lives.


Being helpful is engrained in the beliefs and morals of the helpful Indians, and they extend their helpfulness to everyone they meet.

Quick facts at a glance

Twenty percent of Microsoft’s engineers are Indian.
Asian engineers make up about 30% of Google’s workforce, the majority of whom are Indian
There are 12,000 Indian employees at Facebook, both in the United States and virtually.
At Apple, another massive tech company, one in three engineers is Indian.

How is hiring Indian talent so incredibly simple with Phanom Professionals?

Phanom’s Source

We draw talented people from India by offering the top 3 extremely alluring benefits.

Phanom Professionals Vet

We use our stringent vetting process to assess each candidate's technical aptitude, behavioral skills, and language skills.

Phanom Professionals Match

Through our skill matchmaking process, we match the job requirements with the candidates, making sure that only the most qualified candidate is selected. (Our first interview select ratio is 70%.)

Phanom Manage

All employment contracts, payroll, IT support, HR support, and other related tasks are handled by us.

Frequently Asked Question

Only those who pass the AI-powered communication assessment—which measures reading comprehension, speech fluency, writing, pronunciation, and speaking speed—become members of our network.

Indian talent is incredibly adaptive and flexible, allowing them to work in various time zones. We have talent for the US, UK, and AU, among other time zones.

Yes, we do cover that section. In India, a company will not be required to have a legal entity. In compliance with Indian labor laws, there will be a contract between Phanom professionals and Talent in addition to an agreement between Phanom professionals and the company.

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