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Affiliate Terms & Condition

1. You are eligible for the commission only when you refer to new clients.
2. We pay commission only when the order is processed, if the customer cancels the order it is considered canceled and you will not get the commission.
3. You are responsible for ensuring that the payout information is correct.
4. We are not responsible for lost/stolen payments.
5. You can check the commission status in the affiliate dashboard.
6. False or misleading advertising or suspected fraudulent activity associated with your affiliate account will result in immediate deactivation.
7. If you want to close your affiliate account, simply remove your affiliate links and do not promote them. Your account and personal information will not be removed from our systems for accounting purposes.
8. You must have an active subscription to receive affiliate payments. If you do not have an active subscription then your referral link will not work.
You have any questions regarding our affiliate program, message our support team
Your Google Ads costs will be solely determined by your allowance settings.Google Ads can practically make use of any budget. You’re only charged when users click on your own advertising to visit your internet site or even to call your business. There is no minimum or maximum price with Google Ads; this is certainly optimal, and there is also no minimum or maximum contract length—you can begin or end your ad at any time.
Indeed, the administration fee for Rankon Technologies varies depending on the budget you set for Google Ads.
CPC (cost per click) indicates that you only have to pay for the advertising that a person chooses.

Cost Per Impression: The cost of an advertisement is determined by how many times it is shown.

Cost Per Engagement: The cost of an ad is determined by when an individual completes a predefined engagement (such as viewing your video ad).

Google AdWords and Google AdWords Express were previously used Google Ads brands.

Search Network Campaigns: These ads typically run in text format and are also shown on SERPs when someone looks for a service or product that is similar to your own.

Display Network campaigns: These ads typically run in image format and search on websites or applications that your particular customers generally see.

Video campaigns : These advertisements usually last from 6 to 15 seconds and are shown right before or throughout the YouTube video.